ISV's & Developers

Our complementary technology allows them to differentiate their core products while empowering their own Channel.

VAR's & Integrators

We provide a win-to-win approach focused on product breakthrough, rotation and up-selling, that boost sales and margins.

Full Service Providers

Service Providers (ISP, MVNO, Telcos, Call Centers) delivers our innovative technology as a portfolio catalyst.

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Partners Network

If your company offers IT support, technology consulting, commercial advising or managed services, contact us. We will be glad to discuss new business opportunities with you. Our Partners Network is growing everyday. Join us and start boosting your business turning communications into your competitive advantage.

Strategic Partnerships

At Globalcomm we believe strategic partnerships are the best way to create significant and sustainable value for everyone involved. Strategic Partnership has proven to be a powerful business strength for dealing with ever-changing markets, technologies and customers.

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